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Outstanding Alumni Awards

Outstanding Alumni Awards

There are many CENTRL Alumni who deserve the recognition of these prestigious awards. Please help us in recognizing CENTRL’s growing legacy of leadership by submitting your nominations no later than May 1, 2017. See link to nomination form below.

Award candidates are nominated by Alumni members and selected by the CENTRL Alumni Council (CAC). All graduates of Project CENTRL are eligible except for those currently serving on the CAC and the current class members that are not yet Alumni. If a nominee is ineligible at the time of nomination, they will not be maintained in the voting pool and must be re-nominated when eligible.

Eligible nominees that are not selected, will be automatically held in a pool to be selected from in following years. Supplemental documentation on a nominee’s qualifications will be accepted each year. There are two award categories:

AGRARIAN IMPACT   This award recognizes a Project CENTRL alumnus whose impact has significantly contributed to  agrarian developments in their community. This award not only spotlights production agricultural achievements but also policy development, conservation of natural resources, and strong volunteer involvement with organizations which seek to promote Arizona agriculture.

CIVIC IMPACT   This award recognizes a Project CENTRL alumnus whose impact significantly contributes to the civic life in their community. These contributions may include but are not limited to, public policy, organizational development, and volunteer enhancement activities intended to improve the common good of their community and beyond.


Oustanding Alumni Nomination Form


Past Alumni Award Recipients


Distinguished Leadership                 Richard Lunt (V)

Agrarian Impact                                  Art Anderson (I)

Civic Impact                                        Dennis Booth (VII)


                                                Agrarian Impact                                 Wes Kerr (XX)

                                                Civic Impact                                       Brenda Manthei (XIV)


Distinguished Leadership                 Frances Lechner (XVIII)

Agrarian Impact                                  Marvin Marlatt (II)

Civic Impact                                        Ellen Clark (II)


Agrarian Impact                                  Pennee Murphree (V)

Civic Impact                                        Gail Griffin (XIII)


Distinguished Leadership                 Dan Bell (XVII)

Agriculture                                          Sharla Mortimer (XIX)

Community Service                            Thea Wilshire (XVIII)

Natural Resources                              Alan Kessler (I)

Public Policy                                       David Brown (II)


Agriculture                                          Brett Cameron (XVI)

Community Service                           Glenna McCollum Cloud (IX)

Natural Resources                             Bill Greenwood (X)

Public Policy                                      Tim Dunn (XI), Edward Farrell (XVI), Fernando Shipley (XVII)


Agriculture                                         Dan Thelander (VII)

Community Service                           Tracy Candelaria (XVI)

Natural Resources                            Diane Joens (XVI)

Public Policy                                      Eddie Browning (IV)


Agriculture                                         Sonny Rodriguez (XII)

Community Service                           Bas Aja (VII)

Natural Resources                             Karl Peterson (XII)

Public Policy                                      Russell McCloud (XVI)


Agriculture                                         Cheryl Goar (IX)

Community Service                           Mark Schnepf (III)

Natural Resources                             Kevin Rogers (VII)

Public Policy                                      Sheldon Jones (XII)