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1.  What is the criteria for being selected to Project CENTRL?    

  • Must be resident of Arizona and have a strong interest in serving the public needs of rural Arizona.   
  • Must be 25 years of age by June 1st of the application year or older.
  • Must demonstrate current or past leadership accomplishments and a desire to continually improve leadership skills.
  • Have a commitment to be an engaged leader in agriculture or in rural Arizona in the future.   
  • Have commitment and ability to travel, attend, and actively participate in all scheduled seminars. 
  • Have employer's pre-approval for full participation in the program.
  • Must provide references of good character and reputation.
  • Have ability to understand and analyze public policy and actively engage in dialog and deliberations on these issues.
  • Have diverse professional background and representation of rural Arizona.

2.  How does the selection process work?

  • Candidates must submit a completed application packet to the CENTRL office by March 15 for class beginning in June.   
  •  In-person Interviews will be scheduled in early April for candidates in Phoenix.
  • At the discretion of the Selection Committee, up to 16 candidates will be invited to participate in the new class. 
  • Efforts will be made to select at least one candidate from each county in Arizona.    
  • All candidates will be notified by email of the final selection in May.

3.  What are the expectations once selected into Project CENTRL? 

  • Attendance at all seminars is mandatory.  
  • Invited candidates are required to sign a Personal Commitment Form to be seated in the current class. 
  • Provide personal transportation to and from seminars and point of departure for international and national seminars. 
  • Actively participate during sessions and contribute towards accomplishing seminar objectives.
  • Complete required reading assignments and review of related literature as assigned.
  • Arrive at each seminar with an open and inquiring mind, a willingness to learn, and respect of the opinions of others.
  • Serve as class chair for selected sessions and perform other leadership exercises and assignments as needed.
  • Complete an online evaluation form within one week after each seminar.

Application Consideration
        • The board of directors selects each class specifically to reflect rural Arizona. 
        • Candidates not selected for this class may be a better match for a future class. 
        • Candidates who wish to be considered for the next class MUST notify the CENTRL staff.  A new application is not needed unless there are changes.
        • All applications submitted to the CENTRL Office are considered confidential.

Arizona Center for Rural Leadership

4341 E Broadway Road
Phoenix, Arizona 85040
Arizona Center for Rural Leadership is a Public Private Partnership with The University of Arizona.

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