CENTRL Alumni Committee

The Project CENTRL Alumni Committee's (CAC) purpose is three-fold:


To provide opportunities for Alumni to network together, socially and professionally.  This is accomplished through the Alumni Directory, the CENTRL newsletter, CENTRL Regional Connection (CRC), International Leadership Alumni Conferences known ILAC and other activities.


Recruitment:  The CAC assists in the solicitation of applicants for Project CENTRL.  Alumni word-of-mouth is the single most effective form of soliciting new recruits into each class.  Introducing prospects to Project CENTRL at a CRC is another effective solicitation tool.


Over time, the cost of maintaining and improving on the high quality of the Project CENTRL training program grows, as does the need for financial support.  It is a responsibility of the Committee to create awareness of financial needs and opportunities for support among fellow Alumni.  Through the CRC meetings, fundraising and other activities, newsletter and website alumni can call on our growing membership to play a larger role in the financial support of Project CENTRL.


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Arizona Center for Rural Leadership is a Public Private Partnership with The University of Arizona.

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